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A unique City & Cemetery Tour

Enjoy a relaxing ride and experience the unique highlights of the Crescent City on the City and Cemetery Tour with New Orleans Native Tours. Our New Orleans City and Cemetery Tour provides an insider’s perspective, with opportunities to walk around on your own and take in the rich history of New Orleans.'


You will visit historic neighborhoods, including the French Quarter, Treme, Faubourgs St. John and Marigny, Garden and Warehouse Districts, as well as New Orleans' historic cemeteries, known as Cities of the Dead, and learn about the above ground burial system.

Hotel pick up within the French Quarter and Business District.

  • Adults $50 Children $30

  • The tour begins at 11:00am and 3:00pm daily

  • Tour is 2 hours and 30 minutes

  • The 3:00pm tour ends around 5:30pm allowing plenty of time to freshen up prior to dinner or a night out on the town.

  • We find two and a half hours is long enough to get a feel for our city, but not so long that customers get restless.

  • Need help choosing a restaurant? During the tour, our guide will tell you about some of their favorite restaurants or feel free to ask for something different.

  • For group rates call 855-YOU-TOUR
  • All of our New Orleans bus tours are in our new mini-busses, with comfortable seats, air conditioning, large windows to take in your surroundings, and small group sizes never more than 25 people.

  • Don’t worry about searching for the meeting point for the tour, the City and Cemetery Tour offers hotel pick up within the French Quarter and Business District.

  • Many people take a City Tour within the French Quarter and never see the many eclectic neighborhoods that our tour covers.

  • The tour begins with a ride through the French Quarter pointing out destinations such as Jackson Square, St. Louis Cathedral, Café Du Monde, the French Market, the Old U.S. Mint, and various historic statues along the way.

  • Drive down Frenchmen Street past jazz clubs like DBA, Spotted Cat, Maison, Snug Harbor, and many others where most of the local Jazz artists play, and through the neighborhood of Treme to see Congo Square, now named Louis Armstrong Park, the birthplace of Jazz.

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Thinking about taking a trip to New Orleans? If so, we can guide you along your travels. As a leading New Orleans tour guide, we connect tourists to the beauty and rich history of the lovely New Orleans.

All of our tours are on new and comfortable minibuses, offering a great way to experience the numerous attractions and neighborhoods of New Orleans, without having to travel everywhere on foot – saving you time and giving you the possibility to experience more for less!

Here at New Orleans Native Tours, we’ll provide you with a high-quality and well-researched local perspective on our wonderful city and all the rich history it has to offer, giving you the opportunity to experience history, culture, and to take in the wonders of New Orleans!

There are numerous attractions when it comes to a wonderful place like New Orleans, which you can experience in any way you like. Experiencing this gorgeous place on our minibuses is far superior to walking on foot. You’ll have an amazing local tour guide who will help you see all the must-see spots and provide you with the vacation of a lifetime.

Some amazing places you can expect to see on our city and cemetery tour are:

French Quarter 

If you’re looking for something that is truly out of this world, you will love the crown jewel of New Orleans! Vieux Carre, better known as the French Quarter, is an extremely historical and cultural place, where you’ll find numerous things and attractions you’ve been dying to see!

Whether you’re looking for incredible sights and shops, or you’re more into the cultural aspects of tourism, this place will be a dream come true. With numerous attractions and gorgeous architecture, the French Quarter is an amazing place you definitely have to visit to experience New Orleans fully.

The French Quarter offers numerous eateries and high-class restaurants. There are restaurants with extensive menus and a booming nightlife. You will never find yourself bored at this fascinating destination.

If you’re more into museums, the French Quarter has got your back! The French Quarter boasts a stunning collection of museums and galleries, so you can experience a touch of poise and antiquity in this vibrant community.

Cemetery Tour & Cities of the dead

Another amazing attraction we’re taking you on is our adventurous and enticing cemetery tour. If you’re into history and the antique, or if you’re looking to experience and see something unusual and different, the above-ground tombs and mausoleums of New Orleans will prove themselves to be an unbelievable experience!

The tombs of New Orleans are mostly above ground. With water levels being so low, if you dig down even a little bit, you’re likely to strike some water. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wise to bury loved ones in this environment. This made people bury their loved ones above ground, making for some breath-taking sights and monuments.

Cities of the dead existed for centuries, and you’re likely to find all sorts of people buried here from all walks of life. Pirates, voodoo shamans, politicians, and regular folk are buried side by side, in gorgeous and culturally rich mausoleums.

The cemeteries are a great tour option and will make for some unforgettable memories and photographs. But remember to be respectful, these are graveyards after all!

Faubourgs Treme

Faubourgs Treme is another neighborhood you’ll see on our city and cemetery tour, and it’s one you can’t allow yourself to miss out on! This is an extremely culturally rich neighborhood, with its fame stemming from the tight-knit connection with jazz music.

If you’re interested in jazz, this will be an amazing destination for you! Even if you’re not into jazz and you’re looking for a little interesting history, you’ll be taken back by the richness of this neighborhood.

Faubourgs Treme boasts an extremely important pillar in African American history and is representative of the battle for the rights that numerous minorities have had to fight for. It offers the world-famous Congo square, which is a place where slaves used to come together to create music.

This whole neighborhood is extremely rich with gorgeous architecture and is famous for its blend of old and new. The neighborhood combines the history of hardship and rough times with gorgeous modern architecture.

History and culture aren’t only represented in the streets of this amazing neighborhood, but also in its bars, clubs, and eateries. If you’re looking to experience a delicious bite at a historic restaurant or to grab a drink at the local watering hole, all the while being serenaded by great music, you’re in for a treat!

Garden & Warehouse Districts

When it comes to culturally rich and modern places, the garden and warehouse districts of New Orleans are a bombshell that you absolutely can’t miss out on!

The Warehouse District has a very rich history and is a great industrial styled place that is sure to mesmerize every passer-by. It has some amazing galleries and museums, alongside some trendy and modern takes on tourism. Here, you’ll find DIY shops, artsy bars and pubs, and some amazing award-winning restaurants to satisfy anyone's pallet!

Unlike the Warehouse District’s trendy and industrial feel, the Garden District offers you a reconnection with nature through its gorgeous city design. Everything is enveloped in nature and styled to preserve as many beautiful and lush trees as possible!

The Garden District also offers you one of the biggest zoos in the world. The Audubon Zoo, the Audubon Park, and the Audubon Aquarium are all staples of this amazing New Orleans district and are sure to fulfill any desire you might have. From looking at exotic animals to spending a laid-back day having a picnic in a huge park, you’re in for a wild ride.

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