Guided New Orleans Private Tours

Whether you’re a traveler who enjoys exploring every nook and cranny of your chosen destination, or you’re just here for the food, the magical city of New Orleans will undeniably have something to offer you.

It’s a big city, and many breathtaking places are a must-see. So, if you’re on a tight schedule, it can be difficult getting around to all the essential locations. You’ll need a local guide who can help you customize your New Orleans private tour and introduce you to all the wonders this city has to offer.

The Magical City of New Orleans

The birthplace of jazz has a strong reputation as a party town, and it’s true. The nightlife in New Orleans is unlike anything you’ve experienced before, but you’ve got to know the best bars and clubs to go to to have a good time.

During your New Orleans private tour, we’ll pass by some of the best-known places with the most exciting bars, restaurants, and jazz clubs. We’ll introduce you to such clubs as Spotted Cat, DBA, or Snug Harbor, where you can go and witness the musical creations of the local jazz artists after our tour.

And if you’re a foodie, you’ll probably want to learn where you can get the best taste of the local cuisine, and don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. During our tour, we’ll draw attention to some of the best, most distinguished restaurants and eateries so you’ll know exactly where to go during your stay in New Orleans.

During your customized private tour of New Orleans, you’ll get to experience the rich culture and history of this magnificent place. You’ll feast your eyes on the mystical cities of the dead, pass through haunted locations and cemeteries, see historical landmarks, and an astonishing blend of traditional and modern buildings.

With New Orleans Native Tours, you’ll see everything that this city has to offer.

Our Customizable New Orleans Private Tours

Your New Orleans private tours can be anything you want them to be. Do you have a large party looking to have a good, quality time in New Orleans? Or do you perhaps want to explore the city with just a few of your friends who share your passion for this city?

Regardless of the size of your group, with New Orleans Native Tours, you’re bound to have the time of your life. Our licensed tour guides can help you customize your private tour to ensure you see everything you want to see in this magnificent city.

Some of our most popular customizable New Orleans private tours include the following:

Private City and Cemetery Tour

If you want to get a feel for the city, our Private City and Cemetery Tour is what you need. The two-and-a-half-hour tour will take you through some of the most interesting New Orleans neighborhoods, and you’ll get a chance to walk around and immerse yourself in our city’s history. This intimate tour is your ideal opportunity to meet the city truly.

We’ll pick you up at your hotel in the French Quarter or the Business District, and our tour will start with a comfortable ride through the Quarter. You’ll see some of the most famous landmarks of New Orleans, including the St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square. Just after this, we’ll visit the heart of jazz — Congo Square, now known as the Louis Armstrong Park.

Esplanade Avenue comes up next, and we’re sure it will take your breath away. The astonishing architecture and gothic style of the street will get you right and ready for what follows — the city of the dead. You can stroll around to take it all in. Then we’ll take a nice rest at the Morning Call Café.

If you ever wanted to see one of the longest bridges in the world, then the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway will indeed be mind-blowing. St. Charles Avenue is close by, and you’ll see some of the most expensive homes along the way.

For the cherry on top, we’ll pass by countless exquisite statues and museums that can teach you a lot about our city’s unique history.

Private Airboat Swamp Tour

If you want an even more personal and exciting experience, then book your Private Airboat Swamp Tour, which consists either of 6 to 8 people, or 15 to 30, depending on your needs. To start on this customizable New Orleans private tour, we’ll pick you up at your hotel in the French Quarter or the Business District and begin our ride.

The cypress swamp is something else entirely and will give you a glimpse into the astonishing wildlife and vegetation of New Orleans. You’ll likely meet some exciting creatures during this tour, deer, raccoons, herons, maybe even a bald eagle or two that tend to fly overhead.

What most people are interested in, though, are the enormous alligators. They often tend to sunbathe in warmer weather, and they’ve gotten so used to our comfortable airboats that they often approach, expecting delicious treats from the guests.

We’ve gotten to know a few of them quite well, and most of them have names that they respond to. At the end of the tour, you can even come and see our alligator habitat with two fully grown alligators.

Private Plantation Tour

If you’re a history buff, the customizable Private Plantation Tour is best suited for you. Before our 1-hour tour, you can walk around some of the best-known plantations, take pictures, and take it all in.

We’ll first start with the Oak Alley Plantation Tour and then off to the Laura Plantation next. You’ll be able to explore the grounds, see the blacksmith shop, and even the slave quarters.

Our experienced guides will take you through the Greek Revival home, where you will learn about the day-to-day life of the people long gone, and you’ll even get some fun facts about how they managed without air conditioning and mosquito repellents.

During your Laura Plantation tour, you’ll get detailed information about those who used to live on the plantation. The colorful gardens and exquisite French architecture are bound to take your breath away.

Airport Pickups and More

Your customizable New Orleans private tours have never been more convenient. New Orleans Native Tours offers airport pickups, and if your hotel is located within the French Quarter or the Business District, we can always pick you up at your hotel when you book our private tours.

Our experienced guides can accommodate all requests. You can contact us any time, and we’ll help you get the most out of your customizable New Orleans private tour!