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Travel through the majestic Cypress Swamps and across the Mississippi to River Road

This area is known for its hundreds of plantations. You will visit antebellum mansions, travel along the River Road where you will see Columbia Plantation, Whitney, Felicity, and St. Joseph. You will visit Oak Alley and Laura Plantation. On your return to New Orleans, experience a different set of scenery as you pass through Louisiana’s wetlands and Lake Pontchartrain.



New Orleans Native Tours Plantation Tour has a unique route allowing passengers to view not only the plantations visited, but also four others such as Columbia, Whitney, Felicity, and St. Joseph Plantations. With our tour you will time to walk around and take pictures before the guided tour.

After the tour spend some time in the gift shop before returning to the city. The return trip will take you back to New Orleans on a different route, in order to cross the Mississippi River over a different bridge and to drive along Lake Pontchartrain and our vast wetlands.

Hotel pick up within the downtown New Orleans area.

  • Adults $92 Children $60

  • The tour begins at 11:00am

  • Guided tour lasts 1 hour

  • Guests visit Oak Alley Plantation first and Laura: A Creole Plantation for their second tour.

  • Many plantation tours leave no time to walk around and take pictures before the guided tour.

  • Once arriving at Oak Alley our guests are given plenty of time to explore the grounds on their own.

  • With your map, and maybe a mint julep in hand, check out the blacksmith shop, slave quarters, gift shop, and other sites on the grounds.
  • While walking around recognize spots where scenes from “Interview with a Vampire” and other movies were filmed.

  • Enjoy the guided tour of the Greek Revival home with one of the many experienced guides.

  • While walking through the different rooms learn how people kept cool without air conditioning, as well as how they kept the mosquitos at bay.

  • The tour at Laura Plantation is a bit longer and covers much of their property. When touring Laura: a Creole Plantation, you will experience the traditional French architecture with its bright colors.

  • Learn of detailed information found in the diary of Laura who lived and ran the plantation. Your guide will take you through their gardens back to their slave quarters.

  • Learn about what it was like to live on the plantation from a slave’s point of view.

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